Training for educators to recognise student's needs

Training for educators to recognise student’s needs
The Learning Challenge – Narative
Educators, trainers, and teachers can observe different behaviors and perceive those students that might need special attention or need, however they are not capable to identify all need types. This situation is common in education centers worldwide. Some organization might have an expert in the field as part of the team, but those with low resources put teachers in the situation to deal with situations they are not prepared for.

Solving the Problem: Activities for Learning Groups

Activity 1

Title of activity


Working on the activity – Suggestions

The main objective of this activity is to make known the characteristics of an inclusive education system, involving all participants and a specialist to offer the measures and supports of attention to the diversity available to apply in the classroom and in the center and, the explanation of the different profiles of students with specific needs for educational support with guidelines and strategies to facilitate education. Finally, the concept of a specific learning disorder is shared, as well as the main disorders are exposed, specifying the characteristics, warning signs for their detection and, guidelines and strategies for a correct educational intervention.
Activity 2

Title of activity

Strange glasses

Working on the activity – Suggestions

The main objective of this activity is to make known the characteristics of an inclusive education system from the experience of different teachers. The session will start choosing those who have experienced any type of student need in class. They will share their thoughts based on the real cases and then the rest of the participants in the activity will have to use the “strange glasses” to understand the situation and empathize with the situation, adding extra thoughts if needed.

Solving the Problem: Self-reflection (educator’s reflection)

Reflecting on the Problem Solving measures taken to overcome the challenge
Experience always helps those who have not yet gone through the same situation. By sharing information we all win and the activities proposed seeks the participation of all members with the same goal; be aware of the situation that we can face in class with students
Reflecting on the changes in the group dynamics
Reflecting in a group means that all participants are involved and this led to seeking not only their contribution during the activity but also their previous experience in the same topic, reinforcing knowledge and experience
Reflecting on personal change
Once educators shares their situations, the rest can reflect on their own experiences and can build more knowledge and know-how.

Points for Discussion with your Organisation

The activities proposed seeks to resolve problems wiht the lack of knowledge that educators face to face on their daily duties. The management is responsible to find the right training for the educators based on the situation of their organitzation and the needs form the students’ perspectives.

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