The Project Partners

Panevėžys Education Centre is a governmental organization (belongs to Panevėžys municipality), accredited institution by Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania. The main work is consulting and service training. Target groups are teachers (about 2000), community of schools (over 66 pre- primary, primary, secondary schools, gymnasium, non-formal schools), adult learners of Panevėžys communities. Centre is the coordinator of informal adult education in Panevezys city. Also center is an active participant in EU founded projects with adults and migrants. Centre actively shares experience with adult educators in Europe countries (Scotland, Germany, Austria, Portugal, France, Latvia), carried out in active collaboration with various levels of educational institutions, public and private service providers and social partners.
DAFNI KEK is certified LLL-Center that develops its activities in connection to the local needs and challenges. DAFNI KEK participates in various Calls in favor of Adult Learning   by responding to National and European Funding frameworks. We are in constant cooperation with the broader Community of Educators, as also with the (Life and Job) Counselors by understanding (their) training needs especially working with disadvantaged groups and planning  training opportunities locally or in European level for their professional evolution. Intercultural communication and awareness consist the focus of our learning interventions by bringing in contact groups and individuals from the broader community.

EAEA, the European Association for the Education of Adults, is the voice of non-formal and informal adult education in Europe. EAEA is a transnational, non-profit association with 141 members in 45 countries. EAEA promotes the social inclusion aspects of the EU 2020 strategy, fostering adult learning and the widening of access and participation in formal and non-formal adult education for all, particularly for under-represented groups. EAEA promotes learner-centred approaches that take people’s lives into account and enable them to acquire all kinds of competences, with particular attention to basic and transversal skills.

PATATRAC is a Social Promotion association strongly rooted in volunteering and non-profit that operates with responsibility in the field of culture, solidarity, rights, training to encourage the growth and aggregation of different stakeholders and social actors. The purpose of the association is to carry out general educational interventions and active citizenship through a synergistic work with various private and local public bodies, regional and European, the dissemination of good practices, the promotion of rights and social inclusion.
Centre d’estudis Prat is an integrated school providing different pathways in education for young learners through Baccalaureate, Vocational training and for adults through the national qualification framework to achieve recognition, assessment and quality assurance. Prat main objective is to train internationally skilled future workers; able to cope with the demands of the global world in all the sectors our institution is involved: administration, commerce transport, marketing and tourism, through providing students with appropiate and innovative teaching methods and techniques adapted to the competencies required in their fields, promoting mobility in cooperation with partner institutions or enterprises of the UE and non-EU.