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Problem solving is the process of identifying a problem, developing possible solution paths, and taking the appropriate course of action.

By supporting the trainers in what we call “problem-solving” situations, with multiple tools and methods as well as valuable background information and scenarios, the project aims to enforce in an antihierarchical way inclusion, retention and outreach in the adult learning environment





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The SUPPORT Platform and Discussion Forum on Challenging Learning Environments!

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A repository of tools and methodologies to facilitate problem-solving through techniques of alternative and cooperative education.
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A set of situational scenarios on challenging situations in a variety of learning environments.
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An open discussion forum for trainers accessible any time in order for it to be easily and timely used by the trainers.
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A series of inspirational and stimulant videos to be used with and without the learners, tackiling multiple issues of conflict or challenges linked to a variety of existing preconceptions, social exclusion, stereotypes, language barriers, cultural limitations, and others if identified as such in the context analysis.
A thorough process of determining the current situation especially from a point of mentality and methodologies used in lifelong learning organisations, by adult educators and adult learning on problem-resolution, problem-posing and how the above affect the impact of training in terms of creating inclusive learning environments, striving towards optimal retention of learners and aiming to outreach, was closely implemented by the project partners.

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In order to strengthen the impact of the project, consortium strongly believes that final results should target both policy and providers levels; this output targets policy-makers and educational stakeholders at European, national, regional and local levels, as well as practitioners.

In this way we shall promote the emergence and raise awareness of a European lifelong learning area designed to complement policy reforms and to support the modernisation of education through concrete policy recommendations

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