Large heterogeneous groups


Large heterogeneous groups

The Learning Challenge – Narative
Educators find a challenge when they have to follow students with special needs while the number of students in the classroom is very high, and even more when there is more than one case with several special needs. Small groups are not only helping the educator but also the students with special needs. Although the second option would be the most desirable, sometimes is not valid. Therefore, teachers have to find different resources, strategies, and formulas to adapt their methodological approach to all cases in the classroom.

Solving the Problem: Activities for Learning Groups

Activity 1

Title of activity

Design thinking

Working on the activity – Suggestions

Design thinking is concerned with solving problems through design, so educators will work together to provide a solution through the different stages. It is an unconstrained methodology where the designer (or design team) may work on many possible solutions at once. They do this via a process of divergent thinking enabling teachers to consider the problem in many different ways and speculate on both the past and future of the problem too. Once all the possible solutions are gathered they choose the best output.
Activity 2

Title of activity


Working on the activity – Suggestions

The aim of this acitivity is to encourage educators to go deeper into different aspects of the problem, possibly also questioning the problem statement itself. During the activity, all participants can express their opinion and go deep.

Solving the Problem: Self-reflection (educator’s reflection)

Reflecting on the Problem Solving measures taken to overcome the challenge

Reflecting on the changes in the group dynamics

Reflecting on personal change

Points for Discussion with your Organisation


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